Why IAM Potential?


Managers bring concrete solutions back to their company


Managers broaden their network with their peers


Appling the co-development method within their teams/company, learn how to develop projects/ideas in a positive atmosphere


We provide access to experienced experts – who share the same values, improve experience/atmosphere


Come to recharge your battery. It's always something new, it's fun, with friends, authentic and most of all natural.


Mutual selection – group and the person

Become an IAM Potential member

Unique group approach

Selected group of 10-15 experienced managers form a group for a minimum of one year, meeting each other for three hours eight times per year.
Managers are encouraged to learn and grow, topics are selected by the group itself so they are different from one group to another and focused on its particular needs. At every session, managers hone their communication skills and find practical solutions they can implement in their companies. The resulting experience is shared in the group during following session(s).

Curated membership in each group

Our members are selected to represent a good mix of backgrounds and enough experience to bring value to each group - experience with leading others is required. Groups are also curated not to include members from potentially competing companies, to ensure a good flow of communication and advise. (Members also sign a formal NDA to comply with potential intercompany policies.) As a rule, we build the groups with a specific focus on the diversity of culture, industry and roles.

Effective and verified methods

In every Potential group a group facilitator guaranties the quality of the interaction in a friendly atmosphere. At six of the sessions, international experts bring focused content to the exchange by sharing their experience and expertise to inspire the group. The two remaining sessions are dedicated to the group’s co-development: selected members share a particularly difficult business challenge and receive advice from the group.
In the Millenial group, the co-development sessions are held every other session.